The Future of Scratch Resistant


A while back, we wrote about scratch-resistant sensors and their current state. We discussed a few current applications and what the future may hold. Then we realized that there’s so much more to talk about.
Topics: scratch-resistant, substrate size, protective coatings

Solutions to Manufacturing's Water Problem


You show me someone who lives in a low-lying area and I’ll show you someone who understands how damaging water can be.
Topics: sensors, moisture sensors, wafer problems, inflect sensors

Wafer-Level Packaging and the Mobile Revolution

Back in September and this past March, Apple held its biannual Special Events. These events are meant to introduce new products and features, and they happen quite regularly. These two recent events, however, seemed to leave something out: computers.

Topics: Integrated Circuits, wafer-level packaging, FOWLP, 2d, 3d

Control the Light, Change the World

Light is energy.

Topics: lithography, photolithography

The Road to 3D Integration

“Just the tip of the iceberg.”

Topics: 2d, 2.5d, integration, 3d

BSI human resources guru has a passion for people

jlittrell.jpgTo find the best candidates for a highly technical company like Brewer Science, an HR department has to be proactive, intentional, and able to effectively recruit talent on a worldwide basis.

Topics: STEM, human resources

Asking the Right Questions: The Future of Carbon Nanotubes

Famous anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss said that the scientist is not one who gives the right answers, but one who asks the right questions.

Topics: soluble, cnt, carbon nanotubes, insoluble

Learned R&D director (and master mimic) looks to fast-paced future


Topics: research, R & D, advanced technology, development, research and development

Glass Steps Into the Temporary Bonding Spotlight

Whoever first coined the cliché “Don’t sweat the small stuff” didn’t work in nanotechnology.

Topics: CS ManTech, Integrated Circuits, glass, Apogee, Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing, Datastream

Brewer Science market strategist brings globetrotting experience

When it comes to world traveling and learning foreign languages, Brewer Science’s Market/Technology Strategist has most of us beat.

Topics: processing equipment, benchtop equipment, Datastream

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