Glass Steps Into the Temporary Bonding Spotlight

Whoever first coined the cliché “Don’t sweat the small stuff” didn’t work in nanotechnology.

Topics: CS ManTech, Integrated Circuits, glass, Apogee, Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing, Datastream

Brewer Science market strategist brings globetrotting experience

mziegler.jpgWhen it comes to world traveling and learning foreign languages, Brewer Science’s Market/Technology Strategist has most of us beat.

Topics: processing equipment, benchtop equipment, Datastream

DataStream™ System: Connecting the Semiconductor Industry

ProcessShield.pngThere you are, working away at your desk when that dreadfully random thought pops into your head: “Man. I wonder if those eggs in my refrigerator are still OK.” We’ve all been there. Naturally, you reach for your smartphone and open up the app connected to your egg tracker to see how they are.

Topics: processing equipment, benchtop equipment, Datastream, Semuconductors, data logging

Embedded Wafer-Level Ball Grid Array

The terms "quantity" and "quality" are often discussed in "either/or" scenarios. On one side, you get a lot of something. On the other side, you get the best of something else. In these scenarios, you can't have both, at least not at the same time. In the semiconductor industry, there is constant innovation and limit testing around these concepts. However, when "quantity" starts inching ahead of "quality," we run into some issues.

Topics: 3D Stacking, eWLB, embedded wafer-level, debonding, grid array

Conquering counselor: Brewer Science researcher-turned-lawyer battles for patents

becky2-1.jpg Becky Rich started her career at Brewer Science in research. But it was a fortuitous day for the company when it was able to lure her back after she returned to school to pursue her law degree.

Topics: law, rugby, powerlifting, research, Becky Rich, intellectual property

Brewer Science innovating to meet IoT-driven memory needs

Picture this: In four short years, Gartner Inc. predicts, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have expanded to a mind-blowing 26 billion units.

Topics: Internet of Things, IotT, memory, Gartner Inc.

Former Guardsman keeps Brewer Science materials "always ready"

rbuschjost.jpgIf Brewer Science production facilities are stocked with all the chemicals and equipment employees need to achieve success, they probably have Ryan Buschjost to thank.

Topics: National Guardsman, process engineer, chemical engineering

Supervisor knows quality in horses, Brewer Science products

tash-1.jpgShe’s an avid horsewoman whose college nickname “Boots” came about via the frequent wearing of her ubiquitous cowboy boots.

Topics: quality, analytical group, quality control

Disciple of degrees: Brewer Science program manager is scholar extraordinaire

Walter BarnesWalter Barnes’ career could have taken a number of different directions before he joined Brewer Science. And if his hugely impressive resume is an indication, he could have excelled in any or all.

Topics: higher education, Brewer Science, management, Walter Barnes

Finding Nano: Where Will DSA Lead Us Next?

In its constant quest to innovate, Brewer Science is continually on the cutting edge of what is next. We are currently combining directed self-assembly (DSA) and lithography to achieve sub–10 nm nanostructures. DSA uses block copolymers to generate arrays of self-assembled shapes such as lines or cylinders; the spatial arrangements of the resulting features can build complex structures for use in products such as cell phones and computer hard drives.

Topics: lithography, Directed Self-Assembly, DSA, Arkema, Nanotechnology

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